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Hometown of General Maxwell D Taylor, commander of "The Screaming Eagle" 

Organized in 1833, the town of Keytesville has its roots in the small town known as "Old Chariton". For many years, this served as the center for county business. Due to repeated river flooding, the town was moved to higher ground. By the 1890's, Keytesville has grown to include two newspapers, two banks, two hotels, a distillery, restaurants, and several merchants. Over time, the community of Keytesville has decreased, however, the community retains a strong farming tradition, as well as supporting several local businesses, restaurants, a school and tourist attractions. 

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These are stores we have personally visited and will vouch for their great service and offerings!

1820's The Family Restaurant
414 W Bridge St, Keytesville, MO  65261

The Cafe
118 E Jackson,Keytesville, MO  65261

This Is How We Roll Party Bus
Keytesville, MO 65261

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